Ceilume has over 50 different patterns of their decorative ceiling tiles and yet one pattern, Stratford, accounts for about 95% of all orders. Why is that? A few simple reasons:

  1. It has a classic pattern and look. It’s not too fancy, ornate or busy. It has a solid look that everyone loves and fits almost every environment or job type.

  2. It can be used as a border tile. All the coffered tiles and ornate or busy patterns may look beautiful, but they can’t always be cut for the edge of the room when you need partial tiles. If cut, they won’t lay flat and you have to use a different border tile like the Stratford along the perimeter. Although the Stratford tiles compliment the ornate and busy patterns really well when placed along the perimeter, many people prefer to use one tile everywhere.

  3. The tiles may be thin and seem like there is not much there, but it is the most economic “good looking” tile on the market. When you put them up in the grid, you can't tell how thin they are and they look fantastic. The cost savings compared to Ceilume’s thicker Signature lines or other manufacturers comparable products is easily 50%+ and that goes a long way on large or low budget projects.

For the reasons listed above along with great customer service, quick lead times, and free sample policy is what makes Ceilume’s Stratford ceiling tiles such a hit. Contact us today if you’d like to order a FREE sample of the ceiling tiles so that you can check them out before ordering.