Do you cringe every time you look up at the ceiling? Are you looking to update the hideous drop ceiling in your basement? Are you trying to get the biggest bang for your buck in your basement renovation?

Our Ceilume Stratford decorative ceiling tiles are the perfect solution to turn your basement ceiling from drab to fab. The tiles are both cost-effective and easy-to-install. You won't find any other decorative ceiling tiles at this price point. The pricing aligns more with the cheap plain white tiles, but are far more attractive.



How much effort does it take to install the tiles? Can I do it on my own or do I need to hire a contractor? 

This is definitely a project you can tackle on your own. To install new ceiling tiles, simply pop them into place in your ceiling grid. Your ceiling will likely have some less-than-full-size grid squares (usually around the perimeter of the room). In these areas, you can simply cut tiles to size with scissors or snips, and place the trimmed pieces into the grid. Here, you can find installation instructions.

Are you concerned about how thin the Ceilume tiles are? Many people are. We have a few things to note on that aspect:

  1. We admit it, the tiles are thin. We got our first sample 15 years ago and threw it out because we didn’t think it would work or look good. Ceilume has been in the PVC business for more than 50 years and assured us to give it a try. Here we are, 15 years later, with zero issues. These tiles are by far our best seller. We are thrilled we gave them a shot and know you will be too.
  2. We strongly encourage you to get a sample. The samples are free and full size - 2x2 or 2x4. This allows you to install the tile and really see how it will look and feel in the space. Once you have the tile in place, you’ll see that no one will know how thin the tiles are once installed. We have not had any customer complaints of the tiles being too thin after installation. Click here to request a free sample.
  3. The tiles will not sag in the middle. Sag is caused by either the weight of the tile or moisture and humidity in the tile. The heavy weight of a tile in the middle can cause sag.  You would see this sag when you first install the tile. Ceilume tiles are very lightweight so this type of sag is clearly not an issue. The other cause for sag is moisture and humidity in traditional acoustical tiles. You will see this type of sag throughout the lifespan of the tile. With Ceilume, the tiles are made out of PVC and are waterproof. You can hose them down or wipe them off. Moisture and humidity don’t affect the tiles at all. Bottom line, Ceilume tiles don’t sag up front and wont over time either.

Next, you’re probably wondering where to get the tiles. We’d like to point out that the tiles are made in California. There are several companies that sell the tiles, including Ceilume, Amazon, and Home Depot. We are a small, family-owned business, and we compete with these giant companies. We have a few features that set us apart:

  • We are real people. If you need help determining what or how much to purchase, we can help. If you have questions on how to install the tiles, we can guide you through the installation. If you have a question in the future, we will be here for you.
  • We offer the lowest price. We don’t have a big overhead or large marketing budgets. We operate on word of mouth and with a small Google Ads budget. Because of this, we are able to guarantee a lower price than our competitors. You can shop small and save money.
  • We stand behind the products we sell. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and in 15 years, we have never had a warranty claim or long term issue with any of our products.