Is it hard to have a conversation in the room when multiple people are talking? Let us help you fix your problem today!

Any room that is constructed with all hard surfaces is going to have a noise problem. That’s the design trend today, though. Open floor plans with drywall ceilings or open concrete/metal ceiling concepts are very popular right now. Many people aren’t using traditional tile/grid drop-in ceiling tiles, and the noise problems are much more prevalent.

Everything from offices, restaurants, church meeting halls, etc. are all using these hard ceilings. The result? You get a room that has an echo and people can’t have conversations or hear each other. People complain about being in the room because it gives them a headache, orders get mixed up, and business is lost.


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Most people worry they don’t know how to fix it or even where to start. Most don’t have a background in acoustics so they start trying to search for things and it seems daunting and complicated. How do I know how much to use? How do I know it will work? What product is the best? Will it really make a difference?

The easy answer – let us be your guide. We have been doing this for more than 15 years. We sell a wide variety of products and can help you figure out what product is best and how much you need for your space.

If you can get us the dimensions of your space and a photo – we can do the rest. We will send you a spreadsheet and room analysis – for FREE! This analysis will tell you where your room currently is and where it should be acoustically.

Then once we know that, we pick a product. Acoustically we can get your problem fixed with a wide variety of products. The decision on which products to use comes down to 3 factors – the budget, the installation location, and the design.

We can give you various options at different price points to let you decide what is best for your space.


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First, we focus on the ceiling. Why focus on ceiling tiles? They are up and out of the way, they tend to blend in visually, they don’t get spilled on or hit, and they are cheaper than products that go on the walls. Wall panels have to be more durable and able to take a beating. Do we have wall products? Absolutely and they are great in some situations, but glue up ceiling tiles are often an easier and cheaper solution.

Do you need to cover both the walls and ceilings? No, not in most cases. If you have an empty ceiling, then typically spreading some panels across the ceiling is enough. This will break up the echo and fix the sound issue. Remember, you aren’t trying to record your next album in the space. You just want to make the room functional and sound better so that customers and users stop complaining. Adding noise reduction tiles to the ceiling will do just that.

If, for whatever reason, you do want to do more, you can add tiles to the walls too. You can also start with the ceiling and add more tiles after the fact if they are needed, but we typically start with the ceiling and 99% of customers never call back. They are happy with the fix and don’t need anything else as long as they follow the recommendations we give them.


Click here to view the product page and purchase Flat Foam Acoustical Ceiling Panels

Stop searching and trying to figure it out on your own! Let us use our experience to explain it and figure it out for you. We offer the service for free. If you’re satisfied and interested, you can purchase the acoustical panels from us and fix the problem for good!

Ceiling Panels Direct Acoustical Solutions

  • Variety of different products to fix the problem
  • Different colors, sizes, shapes, and materials available
  • Products from low-end industrial to high-end design
  • All products are Class A Fire-Rated and safe for any commercial use
  • Free acoustical analysis
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Panels are easy to install often by maintenance staff, do-it-yourselfers, volunteers, or any local handyman/contractor


Click here to view a snapshot of all of the acoustical solutions Ceiling Panels Direct Offers