Are you building the theater of your dreams? Do you want to add something special? Have you considered a star ceiling, but didn’t get far because you didn’t know how? Or maybe you thought it would be way too expensive? Or maybe too complicated to get it installed in your room?

Well it’s not too complicated or too expensive...not anymore. You can upgrade your theater ceiling and watch movies with your family and friends under the stars just like you would at the drive-in!


In the old days, you had to buy all the materials, drill individual holes for each star, run fibers, and crawl around in the attic all week. Not only did everything have to be done by hand, but the restulting star ceiling was inefficient and didn’t last long. You constantly had to replace bulbs and fix parts of the ceiling. Not only was it labor intensive, but it was also very expensive!

With LED technology, we have simplified the process. You no longer have to drill, crawl around, or do anything manually. Our panels are pre-assembled and easy to install. You simply take them out of the box, mount them on the ceiling, and plug them in. You’re done! Everything is included and typically complete in less than a day.

But the best part – the led light engines are so efficient that your energy bill doesn’t spike and they last for years. Not only do you have a beautiful star ceiling that is also acoustically absorptive, but the panels are designed to run for more than 20 years without burning out or needing to be replaced. No maintenance and easy installation!


On a budget? No problem! You don’t have to cover the whole ceiling. In fact, most people don’t. Covering the whole ceiling from wall to wall just adds cost, customization, and complication. AND you don’t get any additional wow factor.

Pick an area in the center of the room based on what will fit your budget. Center the panels over the seating leaving room on the sides and back for things like speakers, projectors, additional lights, etc. With this approach, you don’t have to cut into the panels and the stars won’t be too close to the screen or become distracting. The panels go in the middle of the room like a skylight looking out to the stars!

With the panels centered in the room, you can stay within any budget by covering only what you can afford or want to spend. Check out our standard packages and layouts to see what might work for you. If you don’t see an option that will work in your room, call or email us to discuss other options. The panels are finished on the sides so you can float them in the middle of the room. Many customers also add soffits, molding, or rope lighting around the sides to finish the look.

The rope lighting is the most popular option, and you can typically find it on Amazon for less than $50 . It will give you the halo effect you see in many of our photos. The rope lighting completes the ceiling and makes the star panels pop. This simple upgrade makes the centered panels look fantastic!

The idea of star ceilings in theater rooms has been around forever, but today it is no longer for the ultra rich and top 1%! Anyone building a theater or even just remodeling a basement can put these up and get the star ceiling of their dreams. Impress your kids and neighbors and be the envy of everyone who comes in the room! It is the perfect finish to your dream theater!


Starlite Star Ceiling Panels

  • 4’ x 4’ panels
  • 2” thick panels
  • All mounting hardware and wiring included - simply plug and play!
  • Made in the USA in 3-4 weeks – custom made to order
  • Panels are made with high quality acoustical materials
  • 45 stars of various sizes and brightnesses on each panel to make it look more natural
  • Rotate each panel to randomize the layout
  • Run up to 100 panels on a single power supply
  • Plug into a regular 110 outlet in the ceiling
  • Free Shipping